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Email Marketing Mistakes That Kill Conversions!

There’s no excuse to making these email marketing mistakes… here’s the tool you must use if you want to grow your list and double your conversions.

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How To Screw Up Your Personalized Direct Mail Campaign

Setting up a personalized direct mail campaign can return a massive ROI.

With the competition for eyeballs, the physical mailbox is less crowded than ever.

Done right, either with postcards, flyers, or letters… you can generate a lead, phone call, or even immediate sale from this hi-touch marketing channel.

Here’s an example of a personalized direct mail campaign gone wrong and how you can profit with your next mailing…


Why You Feel Stuck And The One Simple Thing You MUST Do!


How To Disrupt A $2.95 Billion Dollar Industry For Fun and Profit

Maverick Marketing

The #1 Way To LOSE Money In Direct Mail (case study)

If you want to guarantee you’ll lose money in your next direct mail campaign…  just open your mail box and do what 99% of what lazy marketers are doing.

direct mail secrets

In this video, I’ll show you 2 different direct mail campaigns selling the same product…

One is the standard, boring marketing you see out there… and the other is a maverick campaign that will give you a million dollar marketing lesson.

Leave a comment and tell me what you learned and how you can use this in your marketing!


Free Texting Service For Your Business?

people texting

As you know, texting is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and help drive sales.

How would you like to use an easy to set up service and never pay for your texting campaigns?

Well, thanks to the 9th most popular website in the world…, it’s easy.

Here’s how to set your texting campaign in 2 easy steps:

1) Go to and create a new account called something like, YourbusinessnameDEALS or YourbusinessnameSpecials or similar. Keep it simple and easy to remember. Let’s use MaverickDeals as an example.

2) Next all you have to is advertise your new texting special… something like this:

Get all the super cool Maverick Marketing Updates by texting: Follow MaverickDeals to 40404

That’s it!

Not only will our good friends at Twitter send out unlimited texts to your prospects and customers, every time you tweet a message, they will automatically receive a text with your offer or special.

So, how do YOU make money with this tactic?

If you are marketing to local businesses, you can use this as a way to build trust and get them to love you so you can offer other marketing services.

Once they see the easy money and extra business a texting campaign can bring in, they’ll want more from you!


Get A Cavity Filled At The Beach?


“My business is different Ken! I can’t do any of your maverick marketing… I’m a professional *Enter Fancy Job Here* !”

Well maybe that’s why your customers don’t come back and your sales are down again this year.

It never fails, there is always some business owner who is afraid of doing something different than their industry “norm” (whatever that is).

That’s why I love what my dentist has done to re-invent his business and office decor.

When I went in for a scheduled cleaning… I was pleasantly surprised to see the new patient experience.


(The Check In Bar… Where I was offered a coffee or a water.)


(The lounge area… nice!)



Here’s a business in an industry that is typically boring and where the majority of customers are usually a little scared and anxious to even walk in to the office.

Not only has my dentist made it fun being in the “chair”… but in the world of boring dentists, I guarantee his patients will come back more often and refer a bunch of their friends.

By the way, I complimented him on taking action but also reminded him he didn’t take my advice of having the dental hygienist wear a bikini while they clean my teeth. (I would totally come back once a month instead of every 6 months!)

So where have you been “shocked” when you walked in to a business?

What’s your favorite business where they stand out from their competitors and totally WOW the customer?

Leave your comment below…


Are You Selling What People NEED Or What They WANT?

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Does Your Blog Have The Five Words That Are Killing Your Sales?

Zipped mouth

You know how it goes.

You’ve just spent hours and hours writing that killer blog post
and now you’re ready for a ton of traffic and it being the talk
of the town on facebook… right?

Well hold on my friend.

You know you might actually have the five words on your blog that will stop
your post from going viral and even STOP your visitors from ever coming back.

What are these five words you ask?

“Your comment is awaiting moderation!”

Are you freaking serious?

A visitor and loyal fan of yours actually reads your
amazing blog post and wants to tell you how
much they love you…

And now you tell them they have to wait until you
get around to approve it?

Believe me, they won’t be so happy to share your
brilliant wisdom with all their friends if you don’t
even trust them to comment!

So you’re thinking… What about the spammers?

Don’t worry about it.  With plugins like askimet and
good ole’ fashion deleting the odd spam comment
once a day… you’ll be fine.

Let the conversation FLOW.

Reward your readers by letting them comment and
get their instant gratification… they’ll love you
even more AND tell their friends!

And don’t even get me started on blogs using those
lame CAPTCHA things that hurt your eyes trying
to read them!

So go ahead… tell me what you think and leave me
a killer comment… I promise you won’t have to wait
until I’m done playing tennis to approve it!  🙂