Does Your Marketing Have Bad Breath?

What have YOU done to change the size of your offer? Share with us below…

By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

4 replies on “Does Your Marketing Have Bad Breath?”

A marketer can never have bad breath. Not just real bad breath but also "bad breath" however it means.
Ei, ken Thanks for all these thoughts! and thanks for sharing them in the internet for free

Thanks for sharing this idea! well, we often see this in department stores with some receipes available for free tasting but we never take the time to understand that this kind of marketting strategy is effective in most industries and in various scales. If a picture paints a thousand words then experiece renders a hundred paintings. Letting your prospective customers experience a little dose of your product or services is the best way to make him/her aware of the good things they can get from such products.

I like the title. Sounds intelligent to me. I am working with a huge medical assistance company, and we offer medical transportation to moribund or even dead expats. Our products is usually for Class A due to the nature of the business, I mean, not everyone can pay $200,000 or more just to transfer a dying person to a better medical facility. Our problem basically is how to reach broader market by capturing the B or even the C niche. If only we can miniaturize the service like the one in video, thats gonna be a great help