How To Create Killer Headlines… FAST!

How To Use These 10 Proven Formulas To Create
Killer Headlines Fast!

If you’re looking how to create killer headlines fast,  make sure to write at least 5 different versions using each formula. You’ll get your creative juices flowing and will give you even more variations to test in your campaigns.

1. The question headline.

Do you make these mistakes in English?

Who else wants to know how to drive massive traffic to their website?

2. The direct statement headline.

The best chocolate cake you ever ate.

Unlimited talk and texting anytime, night and day, to anywhere in the U.S.!

3. The how-to headline.

How to grow big, ripe tomatoes quickly and easily.

How to build muscle and melt fat without dieting!

4. The guarantee headline.

Triple your conversion rate in one month or I’ll pay you $500 cash!

The “Real Estate Master” Guarantees You Will Buy And Flip A House in 48 Hours!

5. The implicit benefit headline.

7 sure-fire ways to get top dollar selling your products on eBay.

Sexy legs in only 6 minutes a day.

6. The command headline.

This is your window of opportunity. Open it.

Enroll now and learn how to play the guitar in just 35 days.

7. The deep discount headline.

“Buy 100,000 banner impression and receive an extra 100,000 FREE!”

Get 12 DVD’s for just $1 (Plus S&H).

8. The short, punchy headline.

“What if…”


9. The “reasons why” headline.

Here are 7 hard-hitting reasons to join GVO today…

3 Invigorating Reasons Why Using ‘Skin So Soft’ Will Make You Beautiful!

10. The personalized headline.

John, act fast… your special offer link expires on November 11th

Finally, here’s how you, Ken Hammond, can become an expert copywriter in 12 days.


There you have it! I want to hear about the best headlines
you’ve seen or even written yourself.

Share them below…