#1 On Google With Free Press Release!

Here are the Top 8 sites you can distribute your press releases.. for FREE!

1. PR Log (where I got #1 in google)

2. Free Press Release

3. Free Press Release Center

4. 1-888 Press Release

5. PR Urgent

6. Press Release Point

7. Free Press Release Center

8. Add PR

Leave a comment below about how you used FREE Press Releases or just say Thanks Ken! 🙂

20 replies on “#1 On Google With Free Press Release!”

PR Web has a basic service to get started that costs $80. Thanks for the other news release sites. You guys are sharing great information. I am so glad I could modify my websites header and create a custom image that brands GVO Conference.

Hi Ken, Thanks for the information on Press releases and the free listing sites. I'll have to check my list of sites against yours because mine includes pay sites as well. Like the page rank effect though. <|:-)

Thanks Ken! Mark is not only my best friend, but an AWESOME business partner… we complement and feed off each other. And we both never quit on the same day! 🙂

Hey Phoebe… writing your first press release is the hardest! Just do it and show it off to us!

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