Get A Cavity Filled At The Beach?


“My business is different Ken! I can’t do any of your maverick marketing… I’m a professional *Enter Fancy Job Here* !”

Well maybe that’s why your customers don’t come back and your sales are down again this year.

It never fails, there is always some business owner who is afraid of doing something different than their industry “norm” (whatever that is).

That’s why I love what my dentist has done to re-invent his business and office decor.

When I went in for a scheduled cleaning… I was pleasantly surprised to see the new patient experience.


(The Check In Bar… Where I was offered a coffee or a water.)


(The lounge area… nice!)



Here’s a business in an industry that is typically boring and where the majority of customers are usually a little scared and anxious to even walk in to the office.

Not only has my dentist made it fun being in the “chair”… but in the world of boring dentists, I guarantee his patients will come back more often and refer a bunch of their friends.

By the way, I complimented him on taking action but also reminded him he didn’t take my advice of having the dental hygienist wear a bikini while they clean my teeth. (I would totally come back once a month instead of every 6 months!)

So where have you been “shocked” when you walked in to a business?

What’s your favorite business where they stand out from their competitors and totally WOW the customer?

Leave your comment below…

By Ken

By Ken Hammond.