Marketing Maverick Domain Name!

What’s the importance of a great name for your business?

If you make your customers have to guess what it is you do exactly,
they could hesitate just enough and find someone else to give
their money to.

In my neighborhood, the houses are between 10 and 15 years old and
the roofs are starting to get a little moldy and dirty. So, luckily my
neighbor went out and found the right company for the job…


Obviously there is no question what they do and the benefit is in the name…


Do you know any businesses out there with the best domain names? If so, leave a comment and share!

By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

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A domain name can mean the difference between a successful site and a not so successful site. But obtaining a .com name should be your first priority. People are creatures of habit and since '.com' is the most common domain extension, people will often put it at the end of the site name they're going to, even if the site they want is a .net, a .org or any number of other extensions. The point is, a '.com' makes it easier for people to remember your URL.

Hey usually I do not post on many blogs these days, but I would like to let you know that this post really forced me to do so! Keep up the good work my friend, I love your blog!

Hi Ken:

I love the e-mail!

At first I took ofense, but after I opened it and read your blog I could not help but agree with you!

This guy does have the best name!

And you are right there is no question what he does for a living.

Keep up the great work!

Love to learn from you and Mark.

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