What Is Get Rich Radio?

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UPDATE:  4 people I have referred to Get Rich Radio have won $1000 CASH!

Congrats to…

Mark Call from Cornish, Maine

Krissy Thornbrugh from Chester, Virginia

Stephen Taylor from Thomson, Georgia

Jay Napier from Goodlettsville, Tennessee

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By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

7 replies on “What Is Get Rich Radio?”

People create there own luck through action. If you had not joined his show, dialed into the show, you would not have earned the $1,000 check. Will check out his show and see how I can help people on my list. That is what this business is all about, how can I help my team be successful.

I used to be a radio contest junkie – won hundreds of dollars, movie passes, CDs, you name it. But this is a pretty awesome idea and looks very easy. I'm going to give it a go.