Get Paid To Answer Your Phone?

In the world of free services and advertisers showing up everywhere we turn… we now have a way to make our family members pay if they want to call us!

Well, they don’t actually pay, the advertisers do.  They just have to listen to a 10 second audio ad before they get connected.

It’s brand new and you’ll want to get this from

Here’s how it works…

You get a free number from  and point it to your real number.

You then tell everyone you know about your new number and when they call you, you get paid!  How much?  Well, it won’t make you rich… but you’ll get between 5 cents to a $1 for each call.

Time to get creative here…

Use it when you sign up for mailing lists or promotions… you finally get paid when telemarketers call!

Use it anytime you place an ad… you’ll at least get paid even if they don’t buy anything from you!

And if you’re wondering… you don’t actually have to answer the call to get paid!  As long as the caller listens to the ad, you’ll get credit.

Is this a WIN/WIN deal?

It’s to early to tell, it depends on the advertiser.  It’s always a numbers game.

Test it out, mine is 804-200-5698, give me a call and see for yourself.

Get your new Brring number and get paid anytime someone calls! 

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