GVO Conference Worldwide Launch!

GVO Conference – The Making of A Million Dollar Business in 90 Days Or Less?

gvo conference

It’s no secret.

Businesses can go viral and explode throughout the world in weeks… if not days sometimes.

With the combination of a truly viral product AND a way to make an amazing residual income, GVO Conference has all the key pieces in place for a major worldwide launch.

Here are the top 7 reasons why this will spread faster than a Lady Gaga You Tube video…

1) It’s launching in 5 different languages.  Obviously, if you want a worldwide launch, you need a personalized experience.  And no, this not a simple “Google Translation”, but a real business developed specifically for each country.

2) It’s extremely simple. Nothing to download on your computer.  Anyone with an internet connection and a browser can host or attend a webcast.

3) The product is the easiest to demonstrate. It takes less than 10 seconds to show someone how easy it is to host a meeting and start a webcast.

4) The price point is affordable to the masses. Since this is a worldwide opportunity and service, the price is set where anyone with a job ANYWHERE in the world can easily afford it.

5) The commissions are residual and HUGE! Over 70% of all sales are being paid back out to the affiliates.  Make a sale once and get paid month after month!

6) It’s a service to complement any home business. Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers, can all use this to make more sales in their business as well as creating an additional income stream.

7) It’s GREEN! Entire sales presentations, team meetings, trainings, can be done without any traveling or printing of paper.  With powerpoint presentations, screen sharing, and online chat, everything you need is right online from the comfort of your home or office.

GVO Conference has all the pieces in place for a VIRAL explosion all over the world.  With the backing of Joel Therien and his massive multi-million dollar data center in San Antonio, the foundation is in place and ready!

In the last 9 months, my business partner Mark Call and I have built a team of over 12,000 members using the suite of tools and hosting of GVO.

With the launch of GVO Conference, we plan on achieving that number in the first 90 days… most likely sooner.

How fast around the world do you think this will spread before we hit a million users?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

If you want to get in early during our massive pre-launch phase, get on our VIP list immediately and get ready for a WILD ride!

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By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

6 replies on “GVO Conference Worldwide Launch!”

Hey Ken this is Chad Dewey. I would like to sign up under you in the GVO with the web conferencing software… What is your link? I could easly use that software for what I do… College Scout for High School Athletes. I can run online Seminars for sure. As well your wife ofers a how to tutor online. well my wife is a high school spanish teacher and is interested in doing some of that as well.

So ya man what is your link to sign up?

Chad ( Dewey


Thats certainly is going to be a hit! who doesnt want to have the chance to drive that red ferrari earn millions doing less. All we have to do is just wait for the actual launching! Lets all earn together

I think it won't be a problem of getting the millionth user. If you recall the news about that gay whose sister was almost "snatched" in her bedroom. Two days after I saw it in the news he got millions of viewers in youtube and hundreds of various videos inspired by his words in his interview. Business is far different that this but the fact is, as long as you capture the interest of many, you have the internet in your side to help you reach millions or even hundreds of millions of users, customers whatever you call it

Definitely right! the internet is there to provide everyone the ability to learn and buy your product or service or whatever. And what is better than offering them the opportunity to earn too?
I think GVOC will make it faster than 90 days!

Hey Alicia… you're right! If we continue the growth like the last 10 days… we should hit it in 60 days!

Stay tuned!

– Ken