Steal An Extra Hour A Day! (for video junkies)

It’s no secret.

You most likely spend HOURS a day online watching video… and it’s costing you precious TIME and MONEY!

I know, I know, you need to watch the 25 minute video revealing the secret to getting in the #1 position on google for the keyword “dog walking”… and don’t forget the video that Internet Guru #46 where he talks about his upcoming launch and how he only has room for 87 students before he can’t take any more money.  🙂

The point is… we all need video.  It’s powerful and it’s here to stay.

The trick is getting the same information but at half the time.

How do you ask?

Press Play Below To See The Amazing Demo…

[youtube 33CiVTt8e7o nolink]

Grab your FREE trial here:


By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

5 replies on “Steal An Extra Hour A Day! (for video junkies)”


Amazing tool! but id like to comment more on how you delivered the video. Real clear and straight forward. If only I am the type who needs videos to speak faster, i'd surely buy one.

I'll subscribe to this site for sure! Amazing!

Hey Ken,
Great saving time.
Would be great if everyone used slightly lower quality and the smallest file size available for their videos. (That could be FLV. not real sure.)
That would save bandwith all round and download time. These darn videos use up my allocated download voulme before month's end and I get ….
Good d………………..ay eve…………………….ry one……………..
No program can get that time back.
I reckon if enough people ask for it , then it will happen.

I bought a copy nearly a year ago and use it all the time. I watch a lot of online video of products and found I use it all the time. There tends to be a lot of rambling in a lot of videos that you can speed over. It was one of the first programs I loaded after buying a new computer. If you have 2 machines you are allowed to load it on both as long as you only use it on one at a time. I was going to buy a 2nd copy for my new machine (that's how much I like it) when I noticed that provision in the registration email.

Excellent program, wouldn't want to give it up.


Ken- You Are THE Marketing Maverick fo sure!. I like the way its laid out, Like The Content. Im gonna corner you in San Antonio and You Have to do a 30 sec video with me and mark in it!