Mind Control Marketing?

Don’t drink the kool-aid! Or have you already? I just finished reading a manuscript called “Mind Control Marketing” and my jaw dropped. I might have drank some myself now that I think about it.

How could I be so naive? I thought being a marketing maverick meant I’m immune to the “mind-control-join-a-cult-buy-my-product” influence.

What about your potential customers? Will the mind control marketing methods from your competitors trump yours?

It’s happening. You can deny it or say it’s “manipulation”… but you can’t argue with the results: MORE SALES.

Would you like to know an easy persuasion tactic
you can use (in minutes) to get what you want today?

If you are open to it, then you’ll get more of what
you want. (remember, people can help you get what
you want, too – read on …)

What’s the tactic?

We’re using it in this very blog post. See if you can
find it …

But first, have you ever heard this proverb?

“PERSUASION is better than force.”

If you’ve ever tried to force a child to eat their
vegetables … you know this proverb rings of truth.

That’s why you need to know how to persuade, because
you can’t force people to do what you want them to
do. You need more subtle methods.

Hint: the subtle method we want to teach you is
coming. Keep reading!

First …

Here’s another tip (almost as powerful as the one
I’m about to reveal to you) that will make you
instantly persuasive:

*Be reasonable*

Yes, it’s very powerful to make an emotional appeal
to someone, but often an emotional appeal – if it
is not combined with logic – can cause people to
suspect your motives and that’s the *last* thing
you want to have happen when you’re trying to
persuade someone.

If someone thinks you’re “up to something” it’s
going to be almost impossible to get them to do
what you want.

Reason helps to overcome this barrier.


All people like to think they are reasonable – even
if they are not.

Here’s a great way to sound reasonable:

“If … Then …”

For example …

“If you want to lose weight fast then give this a
shot …” (pointing to the product you’re

Try it out sometime when you’re trying to persuade
a friend to go to the movie you want to see… or
to help a customer say *yes* to your products or

“If you like thrillers then let’s go see The Dark
Knight …”

HINT: Even if what you’re saying isn’t logical, the
If-Then approach will make it sound like it is.

Replace the above with …

“If you like thrillers then let’s go see Monster
in Law.”

The ethics of that one are a bit questionable, but
you can try that out as an experiment to demonstrate
for yourself the power of this approach.

Persuasion is everywhere these days.

In fact, you use persuasion, and it’s used on you
more than you may realize. Usually it’s happening
“under the radar” … Those using it – and most
importantly those on whom it is being used – are
unconscious of the process.

Becoming conscious of the process will make you
extremely formidable. When you first begin to, it’s
like seeing a world that is invisible to everyone

Now, one last thing before we reveal that last tip
to you.

(you’re dying to know, right? hang in there – and
don’t skip ahead …)

There’s an old out-of-print book that is sort of like
the “bible” of persuasion tactics. You can get used
copies of it on eBay for $500 – but don’t do that.

You can download two chapters of it – RIGHT NOW – no

Click Here

Now, one of the tactics you’ll learn in more detail
at the link above is the one we’ve been teasing you

It’s called “the Z______ Effect.” (click the above
link to fill in the blank)

Does it work?

Well, you read this far right?

It’s one of the most persuasive forces in the world.
It’s everywhere, and in fact, it’s in this email.

The two chapters you’re about to download will break
down how it works quite clearly … there are even
a few cartoons in there to make it super-easy to
understand, so please do that now before you forget.

Remember, getting what you want isn’t just about
mastering yourself. It’s also about getting those
around you to follow you and that’s what you’ll
learn in Mind Control Marketing.

This lays it all out on the table. Beware. It might work on you too.

Download it here.


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  1. Nice Kenny … okay you got me, brother…

    Yep, I "CLICKED" and downloaded the two chapters and GUESS WHAT!

    You are right it's freakin' awesome.

    Gotta now get the rest of the story… as they say!

    – Mark Call

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