Who Killed Email Marketing?








Well, maybe email marketing is not exactly dead…

But as you know it’s changing
in a big way… less than 27% are even
opened and peoples inbox are
overflowing to the point where the delete key
is the most active.

And for marketers like yourself, that means
they can’t buy if they aren’t reading your emails.
What if you could not only add someone to your email
list… but also send them a text message
or an actual voice message?

Did you know that 95% of text messages are read
within 15 minutes?

Mobile Marketing is ready to explode!

Even though 98% of your potential customers
have cell phones… less than 3% of marketers
are using this powerful technology.

This opportunity won’t last for long.

Using any autoresponder, you can continue
to build your email list while you automatically
add them to your texting or voice campaign!

And now, you can be one of the very first
and not only use this technology yourself…
but build a massive residual income showing others. has just launched
and YOU can take advantage and profit
during this special for first movers.

You’ll be able to combine the most powerful ways
to connect with your prospects… Voice,
Text and Email and it’s NEVER been done

Right now YOU can grab your spot and
take advantage of an amazing special
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When you get started, you’ll have full
access to the PhoneFollowUp system
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PS. I’m not sure how long they will be
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See for yourself how powerful this will be
for your marketing.

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By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

10 replies on “Who Killed Email Marketing?”

What killed e-mail marketing? Viagra. Did I spell that right? Does it even matter? Because my inbox gets cluttered with all manner of ED ads with the medications spelled in at least 10 different ways, forcing more 'potent' spam filters to flag anything and everything. These days the only thing I DON'T consider spam is from people I personally know.

Now, mobile marketing? SMS/test messaging? How well does it work? Just ask President Obama whose campaign sent millions of texts to my generation in 2008 – on his way to winning the biggest electoral victory since almost 30 years.

Having the latest technology is one of the first things I learned from a 'guru' when I started working full time from home in 2005. Now the job is to get as many people to opt in with their cell number to your list. Imagine the closure rate when 95% are answering their voice and text messages from phone follow up.

Generally email marketting is annoying so is sms marketting. However what is important for a marketter is to convey the value of their product to the customer, annoying it may be as long as the customer reads their message and realize they need the product. SMS marketing could turn sms messages to revenues!

And yes i agree this oppurtunity is gonna be quick. soon there will be anti sms spam filters in every mobile phones.

Hi Ken,

Phone Follow up is a great system. Not sure if it works in UK though.

Would be a good way to ensure there were no – %%SubscriberName%%'s though!

Don't worry – you're forgiven.

Take care



You are ALWAYS "AHEAD" of the Marketing Curve!

Mobile marketing is HOT, Dude…

Guess that is why YOU are "THE" Marketing Maverick!

Thanks for great info on ALL of your Blog!

Mark "Super Cool" Call

I found out about Phone Follow Up through GVO. It is such a fantastic service that no marketer should be without it. It’s a must for every local business owner and every doctor, attorney and other professionals.

The fact that Ken Hammond is behind it also ads to the credibility. I had noticed Ken on the Internet, listened to him on webinars and was impressed by his knowledge and his ability to come across in a very pleasant and credible manner without all the hype you normally see.

This past weekend I actually got to meet Ken in person in Minneapolis. He was a speaker at Jeff Mill’s ‘Profit Offline’ seminar and every person I spoke with was really impressed with his presentation and his product.

I had previously signed up to attend a 3-day seminar in Los Angeles the same weekend, but when I discovered that Ken was on of the speakers I canceled my trip to L.A. and registered for the Minneapolis event.

I knew that Phone Follow Up would be a very important part of my professional future and I wanted to learn more about it, so it was a no-brainer for me to change my plans.

Since I live 2 hours from the St. Louis airport I decided to make the 600 mile trip to Minnesota by car. All the driving was well worth it. I am now even more impressed by Ken and by Phone Follow Up.

I would highly recommend that you make the very small investment now, while it is as low as it is.

Kaare, it was an honor to meet you my friend! You are a master marketer and I can't wait until launches… it's going to be huge!

Ken, I’m just getting started with blogs etc. I was thinking that maybe I’m not ready for Phone Followup or would that help me build my list? Thanks for your help, great call last night. Shelley

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