Are You Protecting Your Herd?

How are you protecting YOUR herd?

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By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

7 replies on “Are You Protecting Your Herd?”

Hi Ken,

Yes, your reminder makes great sense to follow-up and value your current customers with good content. How often would we do such a letter to our current customers? Do we do it only when there is a danger of competition like when Duck Disposal sent their letter?


Hey Dale… yes, you always must be thinking about "protecting your herd"!

Direct mail stands out from the crowd and you can make a great impression by sending
a personalized "Thank You" card to your customers once every couple months or so.

And we've had good success automating the process with SOC. ( <a href="” target=”_blank”>

A little goes a long way!

– Ken

Thanks Ken. Great branding by Duck's Disposal. Every one should remember that Ken Hammond provides great information on his blog and that they should build and keep good rapport with their customers. In this case they have reinforced their branding by giving their customers all the reasons they need to knock back the doorknockers. They have also reinforced their committment to you the customer and to your local community.

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