World’s Most Expensive Dog Comb?

What can “The Furminator!” teach you about improving your marketing?

WOW! If you want to keep your house clean of dog hair, get your Furminator here at a discount from Amazon.

Leave your comments below… are your customers Demo’ing your products and sharing with the whole world?

3 Replies to “World’s Most Expensive Dog Comb?”

  1. Excellent way to share products and services with people. GVO and GVO Conference are powerful tools that allow average folks to have a home based business that literally explodes virally due to the internet.

    Did Al Gore really invent the internet? LOL

  2. Ken,

    We have had our Lab professionally "furminated" (is that a word???) and he looked amazing. Then we bought the furminator spray shampoo and that worked GREAT even without the comb. Going to get the comb now! Thanks for the heads up on buying it so CHEAP!


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