How To Get Testimonials! (Instantly)

How are YOU getting testimonials from your customers?

Use the “Instant Video Testimonial” from GVO and put it on auto-pilot!

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By Ken

By Ken Hammond.

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As someone who is just now learning to market online, I want to thank you for a very timely and informative video. I find it amazing that clients and customers will rave about your work but then balk at giving a testimonial. But when you make it easy for them to do it (like the form mail), they're more likely to. Video? Cool idea, especially enticing for my age group. Now we just need an I-Phone app for it!

Testimonials are the foundations of word of mouth – which is a better advertisement that having print or broadcast ads. word of mouth advertising is just like having an army of advertisers for free. Why think twice about getting testimonials? Make it easy for your customers!

I find this video very helpful. I realized that getting testimonials is something you don't totally let your customers do. I realized still a 90 – 10 thing to make it work.

And that video testimonials are really cool. adds up to the credibility of the testimonials.

Many websites today fake testimonials so a video message will certainly vouch the validity of the customer's statements.

Great video, Ken,

The GVO Instant Video Testimonial inviter is so powerful!

I love the fact that all I need to is send an email to request the testimonial and it will be automatically added to my GVO account.

So simple!

Thanks Ken 🙂

Janet Legere

Awesome Janet!

In this skeptical age online… REAL testimonials will make a huge difference in
anyone's marketing.

People want to hear from REAL, LIVE people sharing their experiences… not
some fake one like…

"This is the best product ever… I lost 30 lbs in 30 minutes!" – J.M from USA



Damn right I often encounter websites with those testimonials. I hate it when i only get spywares and viruses after downloading their manuals or their product. Video testimonials will make a big difference!

Thanks Ken!

When planting a tree you dig shallow and leave the ground hard beneath.The reason is simple. A tree has to fight hard to force it's roots to grab hold thus the tree will grow strong and steadfast. Your posts and blog information is that shallow hole and is the very environment to grow strong and steadfast. Thank you for all you do….

Ned & Cheryl Rae

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